How to Use Lishi Locksmith Tools 2 in 1

Lishi locksmith tools at are recognised by professionals around the globe for their quality, ease of use and outstanding ability to get the job done. From superior picks and decoders to training vices, dedicated courses and professional guides; the product range covers a spectrum of vehicles and lock types and every single tool has been designed and manufactured to the highest standard and for the most efficiency.

Original lishi tools are trusted by professionals because it allows you to work with confidence. The tools are developed to protect both the door lock and the vehicle; they have been designed specifically for speed, with most tools getting the job done in less than 3 minutes.

Lishi decoder is made with high grade stainless steel, every tool is durable and has been designed to fit into the lock smoothly.

Lishi training – Practice is key when it comes to becoming a master in this profession, which is why there is a range of training vices and products to help you perfect your picking skills – whether you are a trainee or experienced locksmith, practice always makes perfect. Lishi manuals and guides will give you all the information you need to work with our tools to an extremely high standard and for those who want to perfect their skills that little bit extra, Genuine Lishi training courses will get you well on your way.

How to tell a original lishi tool?

Aside from the Genuine Lishi Chinese logo which is your guarantee of quality, all tools will come with a unique serial number, this number can be used to register your tool and if you can register your tool you know it is an official Genuine Lishi tool.

Take an original Lishi Hu66 2 in 1 decoder


Lishi 2 in 1 user guide: how to use Lishi 2 in 1 to get codes?

This is LISHI pick guide for Audi Ford VW Porsche Seat Skoda HU66 2-in-1, used for get codes before cutting keys on Condor XC mini master.

hu66-lishi-2-in-1-user-guide-(1) hu66-lishi-2-in-1-user-guide-(2) hu66-lishi-2-in-1-user-guide-(3) hu66-lishi-2-in-1-user-guide-(4) hu66-lishi-2-in-1-user-guide-(5) hu66-lishi-2-in-1-user-guide-(6) hu66-lishi-2-in-1-user-guide-(7)

hu66-lishi-2-in-1-user-guide-(8) hu66-lishi-2-in-1-user-guide-(8) hu66-lishi-2-in-1-user-guide-(10) hu66-lishi-2-in-1-user-guide-(11) hu66-lishi-2-in-1-user-guide-(12) hu66-lishi-2-in-1-user-guide-(13) hu66-lishi-2-in-1-user-guide-(14) hu66-lishi-2-in-1-user-guide-(15) hu66-lishi-2-in-1-user-guide-(16) hu66-lishi-2-in-1-user-guide-(17)