How to solve WinKFP Error 211: Error on flash programming

Here offers optional solutions for WinKFP error 211- “Error on flash programming”.


Winkfp flash Programming error 211 for CAS Module Programming ZUSB No & Vin No into CAS and DME.

error 211

Car: BMW E60 2008

Tool used: BMW ICOM A2

Optional solutions:

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Solution 1

You only need to code both units and then align. This can be done via ncs and inpa. When units are virgin chassis is written at time of coding.

Solution 2

check your winkfp configuration
make sure it looks like this

winkfp configuration

Solution 3

Didn’t have the power supply conected with the right Volts.

The source power should be 12V

Solution 4

Your software is broken and please try to buy a new ICOM software from a reliable seller.

Hope this helps.