CBAY Handy Baby Car Key Copy Internal Diaplay

This is the clone Handy Baby auto key programmer, now it will be disassembled for all to learn its inner parts.

This car key copy is from uobd2

Disassemble the handy baby key programmer, you will see the green board.


Turn it over you will see the other side of the pcb board. It’s yellow.




Tighten with a screw and open the back cover, and you will see the battery (marked with SP-454853 3.7V 1700mAh) which connected to the car key copy main unit via a red wire.

cbay-car-key copy-inner-parts(1)

cbay-car-key copy-inner-parts (4) cbay-car-key copy-inner-parts (2) cbay-car-key copy-inner-parts (3)


To learn more about the handy baby, please go to

(handy baby operation steps to copy 46, 4D, initialize, test frquency, data read and write…)