How to program Peugeot 508 2013 all smart keys lost?

2013 Peugeot 508 smart key system all lost. Car is 500 km away across the border in another country. Can I get the pin easily from BSI or ECU.

What key programmer to use and how to do?

Option 1. Xhorse VVDI2 won t work without a valid key ,I suggest you to take down the BSI and manually check for pin code then code the key with VVDI2 ( Xhorse engineer replied: can firstly use VVDI2 to read the pin code)

If you search user feedback on vvdi key took app you will see some feed backs on the success of programming a 508 using xhorse remote.

Also, vvdi key tool plus can program Peugeot 508 2013 all smart keys lost.


Option 2.

Use x100 pro, I have program blade key to 2014,


Option 3. You will need to have a real key (original or aftermarket). Lonsdor K518 can do it.


The following paragraph will be about how to use Lonsdor K518ISE to program Peugeot 508 smart key when all keys lost.


Selection: Peugeot ->> select from vehicle ->> 508 ->>Smart key ->> All smart key lost ->>


Please turn on emergency flasher (danger warning light)..


Have VIN, PSA number, supplement number, software number, software version.


Please enter PIN code.


Insert the smart key to be programmed into key slot.

[Note] If there is a smart key that can start vehicle, insert the key first.

Programming complete.

Program next key?


Remove the smart key and insert next one.


Communication connecting, please wait…


Programming complete.

Program next key?


Alright, hope it helps!