How to Program New Key for Benz W221 by CGDI MB Infrared Function

Here is guide on how to use CGDI MB infrared function to program new key for Benz W221.Hope it helps!



Connect the CGDI MB Programmer to laptop,then insert the new key into CGDI MB slot

Run CGDI MB software,select “Read/Write Key” function from left menu

Tick “Infrared” at interface section

Then click “Read Key/Chip”,it will show the key basic information

Click “Reset”,it will prompt you “Reset operation succeed!” when it completing

Now,click “Open/Write”

Please Note:Smart key please choose 41 format,common key and BE key please choose 51 format!When writing the original key,please make sure that it is wiped by the CGMD,otherwise the write will fail!

Then choose a unused key position data,then click “Open” to write it into the new key

After then,it will prompt you “write success!”

Now,learn the new key on the W221 and then test it.