Free download Ford IDS V111.05: Module Programming + add keys works

Free download Ford IDS V111.05 to be able to compatible with Fly VCM IDS 3 and FVDI J2534. then able to perform OBD diagnosis, module programming, add keys etc.


Ford IDS V111.05 free download:

Fly IDS3 ……works

FVDI J2534 ……works

Ford VCM2……No ( V111.04 is the newest version)

Vxdiag Nano for Ford……IDS V109

* Fly VCM IDS 3 can’t work with the old Ford with J1850 PWM protocol, while FVDI J2534 can work perfectly with the old Ford before 2006.


Ford IDS V111.01 free download:!aYwWHIrT!n-Ro3IBmBhli501A-FuTdnndi-vy8A2MZMJGlwSi8s0 

Fly IDS3 ……works

FVDI J2534 ……works

Ford VCM2…… works

Vxdiag Nano for Ford…… IDS V109 (In real: The device was able to delete all old keys from the system then and add 2 new keys, whilst I was there I did some software updates on the PCM.)



VCM IDS 3 feedback: key programming and module initialization OK

Tried my new VCM software and it works . Automatically logs on to the ford IDs server. key programming and module initialization can work.


Image: The Fly IDS3 connects to the Ford.


Actually, It’s a new “pass thru” device.


vcm2 ire a bit pointless without key programming and module initialization.

if you don’t have a licensed IDS or valid subscription. These VCM IDS 3’s could work well as a pass thru device.
Ford does support pass thru devices & provides software for them – Again it’s subscription based.

Only reservation I have is IDS software it’s supplied with. Obviously it’s been rewritten to provide automatic login to Ford’s Servers.
When required to gain access to vehicle security on latest vehicles.

Bearing that in mind. If try to use IDS from Ford. That automatic login would be lost.
We don’t yet know how the ids3 connects do we? It’s like anything tho, for now it works so use it, make your money back and hope it lasts, same principle as the clone vcm1 and 2.

Ford VCM IDS3 V111.05 Works…

Windows XP (SP2 or later) Windows 7, win 8 and win 10


Obdii diagnosis……works

Mazda/Ford (smart) key programming……works (Automatically logs on to the ford IDs server)

Module programming……works (Automatically logs on to the ford IDs server)

Module reprogramming……works (Automatically logs on to the ford IDs server)

Ford and Mazda 2016……works


2017 Transit Auto & Transit AWD……works

ids3-module-programming-01 ids3-module-programming-02 ids3-module-programming-03 ids3-module-programming-04 ids3-module-programming-05



How to use VCM2 clone do a Ford module programming?

You need Ford IDS software, original or crack

You need a HQ VCM2 clone (contact our service)

(VCM2 genuine definitely is the best solution, but a high-quality one should work great, not  cheap crappy tools)


When installing a new module, the configuration data must be transferred from the old module before it is removed. The new module will then be programmed using this information. Use the following steps to download the data from the existing module and program the new module:


Step 1: Select the toolbox tab at the top of the screen

Step 2: Select “Module Programming”

Step 3: Select the tick mark or the Enter key

Step 4: Select “Programmable Module Installation”

Step 5: From the fly out menu, select the type of module to be installed

Step 6: Select the tick mark or the Enter key

Step 7: Make sure that an Internet connection has been established and then select “Confirm”

Step 8: Follow the instructions on the screen. These instructions vary depending on the type of module being installed.


NOTE: Be sure to follow these instructions in the exact order that they are given. Do not remove or install any modules until instructed to do so. Failure to follow the instructions correctly may result in the configuration data received during vehicle identification to program incorrectly or not at all.


Step 8A: If Ford Module Programming was unable to retrieve the configuration data due to either

a non-functioning module or a module which was removed before the data was retrieved, the

application will request that the user obtain information from the Module Build Data (As Built)

database. Access to this database is included in the Ford Module Programming subscription. The

data can be obtained by doing the following:

  • Go to the Motorcraft website (
  • Go to the Technical Resources area
  • Log in using the User ID and password set up when the subscription to Ford Module

Programming was purchased

  • Select “My Subscriptions”
  • Select “Ford Module Programming”
  • Select “Module Build Data (as Built)”
  • Enter the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and select “Submit”
  • Write down the information that was requested by the Ford Module Programming


  • Return to the Ford Module Programming application and enter the requested information

Step 9: If necessary, apply the reprogramming label to the PCM

If an emissions recall has been performed or a required emissions-related TSB has been completed,

an Authorized Modification label must be placed on the PCM. These labels can be purchased at the

parts counter of a Ford or Lincoln/Mercury dealership.


NOTE: It is the responsibility of the technician to inform the customer that Ford Motor Company will not reimburse the vehicle owner for field service actions that are not completed at a Ford or Lincoln/Mercury dealership.


Step 10: When the “Programming complete” screen appears, select the tick mark or the Enterkey. If PATS initialization is required, Ford Module Programming may automatically link to the PATS parameter reset and/or key relearn procedures. Two ignition keys may be required to complete the

PATS initialization procedure.

Step 10A: If PATS initialization is required and Ford Module Programming did not link to that functionality automatically, go to the Toolbox tab and select “PATS”. Detailed instructions are provided in Section 6.