How to fix obdstar x300 dp plus missed “Cluster Calibrate” or “Immobiliser”? engineer offer the emergency method to solve the error that obdstar x300 dp plus missed “Cluster Calibrate” or “Immobiliser” menu, with any of the menu, the user won’t do mileage programming or key programming.



1.Tap “Home” button to choose “ES File Explore”.

obdstar-x300-dp-plus-missed-cluster-calibrate-solution-2 obdstar-x300-dp-plus-missed-cluster-calibrate-solution-3


2.Click on “Home” and then “DP” folder.



3.After entering the “DP” menu, choose the SN No. file 9514XXXXXXXX–FUNCTION–MILEAGE,

At the bottom of this file, there will be a “en.cfg”, find and delete it.


4.Re-start obdstar x300 dp plus.


5.Open APK, enter “upgrade” menu, then choose any of mileage correction software, download it.


Good luck, but if not solve the problem, please don’t hesitate to contact at: