How to change Xhorse Masker Garage Remote Frequency

Xhorse Masker Garage Remote Frequency change by Key Tool Max Pro Tutorials.

Step 1: Disassemble Masker Garage Remote key

Remove the cover of the remote key

Tear off the Xhorse logo on the back

Unscrew the screw with a screwdriver

Remove the back cover and take out the PCB of the remote key

The disassembly of the remote key is completed.

Step 2: Change the frequency of Garage Remote Key

Connect Xhorse Key Tool Max Pro and remote key via the wired remote key cable which is provided by Key Tool Max Pro

Turn on Key Tool Max Pro and enter Special Function interface

Select VVDI remote function>> Garage door key customization

Click Read to read the remote control frequency

Read successfully! The frequency is 315MHz and the frequency offset is 055Khz.

Click on Frequency MHz (260~960) value to be modified

Click on Frequency offset KHz (0~200) value to be modified

Note: needs to enter the value within the range it shows

Click Settings to complete the modification

Setup successfully

Click Read again, now the Xhorse Garage Remote Key frequency becomes 433MHz and frequency offset becomes 026Khz.