How SKP900 read pin code& program key for VW Bora all key lost?

What tool do you need when a VW Jetta Bora lost all key and want to program a new key? According to engineers you are advised to use SKP 900 Key Programmer! Below is how-to guide for your reference.


First use SuperOBD SKP-900 to read VW Bora pin code then to program a new key.

Step1. Turn ignition on and connect SKP900 with car via OBD port. Choose “Immobilizer”→ “VW” → “Read Pin code1” → “Password Reading SYS1”

superobd-skp900-read-pin-code-program-key-vw-jetta-bora-1 superobd-skp900-read-pin-code-program-key-vw-jetta-bora-2 superobd-skp900-read-pin-code-program-key-vw-jetta-bora-3

Wait a minute and SKP900 read out the pin code as 3904.



Step2. Back to “VW” menu and choose “Jetta 10-”.


Choose “Immobilizer System” then “Yes”. It will show you car control computer info, click “Yes”.



Step3. Choose “Program Key”


Enter the pin code 3094 and confirm.


It will show current key number: 1


Input key number to be programmed: 1



Step4. Now use all matching keys to turn on ignition. It will soon show “Matching Finished”.


In this way you can use SKP-900 Auto Key Programmer to program a new key for VW Bora all key lost situation!