BMW Z3 -97 convert miles to km by ADS interface + NCS expert

How to convert BMW Z3 -97 miles to kilometer? Use an ADS interface and code the KOMBI with NCS expert, details as below.


BMW model information:

VDO 883311221 / 1100086445/055A

HW 1.2

SW 7.0


BMW Z3 2.8 -97 US version


inner 93C46

outer 93C46

Pulled out the dumps with SP200S flash tool



Convert a bmw Z3 dash from miles to KM


BMW coding tool to use:

Use an ADS interface and code the KOMBI with NCS expert.



ADS (serial port necessary) or ICOM with C adapter will work. I figured if you had an eeprom reader tool, surely you would have access to ADS or ICOM, even if borrowed.

If you do figure out how to do in eeprom, that’s cool and all… But then checksums and other issues you may run to, not sure if worth it. Not trying to discourage, but the easier sure way is NCSExpert coding.


Finally solved:

I have both ADS interface (native serial port) and ICOM, KOMBI module is not accessible via those interfaces. Simple reason: no RXD or RXT connected in kombi.

All other modules can be accessed by ADS, ICOM or OBD – tested and confirmed.


ADS interface for price $4.99 and ICOM A2 for price $519, $524 in total.


Here ADS interface


Here ICOM A2