How does Lonsdor K518S read write chip AT93C56-8bit AT93C66-8bit AT25160B?

This article is available with Lonsdor K518 KPROG-2 supported eeprom chip reading & writing list (24xxx, 93XX, 25xxx, 95xxx), and the guide of Lonsdor K518S read and write eeprom chip AT93C56-8bit, AT93C66-8bit, AT25160B (Videos and images).

And this function also available on basic version:Lonsdor K518 Basic




First is the adapters connection: Please connect these accessories (number 2,3 4 in the following image) and then to plug to the main cable of KPROG-2.

Please plug external 12V power supply and connect the KPROG adapter to the 15-pin connector on the mainline!


 1.Guide on Lonsdor K518S reads & write chip type AT93C66-8bit:


Below are 6 images showing the successful testing results: 

lonsdor-k518s-read-write-chip-type-at93c66-8bit-04 lonsdor-k518s-read-write-chip-type-at93c66-8bit-05 lonsdor-k518s-read-write-chip-type-at93c66-8bit-06 lonsdor-k518s-read-write-chip-type-at93c66-8bit-07 lonsdor-k518s-read-write-chip-type-at93c66-8bit-08 lonsdor-k518s-read-write-chip-type-at93c66-8bit-09

 2.Guide on Lonsdor K518S reads & writes chip type AT93C56-8bit:

Below are 6 images showing the successful testing results: 

lonsdor-k518s-read-write-chip-type-at93c56-8bit-10 lonsdor-k518s-read-write-chip-type-at93c56-8bit-11 lonsdor-k518s-read-write-chip-type-at93c56-8bit-12 lonsdor-k518s-read-write-chip-type-at93c56-8bit-13 lonsdor-k518s-read-write-chip-type-at93c56-8bit-14 lonsdor-k518s-read-write-chip-type-at93c56-8bit-15


 3.Guide on Lonsdor K518S reads chip type AT25160B:


Below are 4 images showing the successful testing results: 

lonsdor-k518s-read-chip-type-at25160b-16 lonsdor-k518s-read-chip-type-at25160b-17 lonsdor-k518s-read-chip-type-at25160b-18 lonsdor-k518s-read-chip-type-at25160b-19


Below are Lonsdor KPROG-2 supported eeprom chip reading & writing list:

Lonsdor K518S KPRGOG-2 EEPROM chip reading writing list
24XXX series EEPROM chip list (from ATMEL, ST etc chip manufacturer)
AT24C01  128byte
AT24C02  256byte
AT24C04  512byte
AT24C08  1K
AT24C16  2K
AT24C32  4K
AT24C64  8K
AT24C128 16K
AT24C256 32K
93XXX series EEPROM chip list (from ATMEL, ST etc chip manufacturer)
AT93C46-8bit  128byte  read and write
AT93C56-8bit  256byte  read and write
AT93C57-8bit  256byte  read and write
AT93C66-8bit  512byte  read and write
AT93C76-8bit  1024byte read and write
AT93C86-8bit  2048byte read and write
AT93C46-16bit   128byte  read and write
AT93C56-16bit   256byte  read and write
AT93C57-16bit   256byte  read and write
AT93C66-16bit   512byte  read and write
AT93C76-16bit   1024byte read and write
AT93C86-16bit   2048byte read and write
25XXX series EEPROM chip list (from ATMEL etc chip manufacturer)
AT25010   128byte
AT25020   256byte
AT25040   512byte
AT25080   1K
AT25160   2K
AT25320   4K
AT25640   8K
AT25128   16K
AT25256   32K
AT25M01   1M
AT25M02   2M
95XXX EEPROM chip list (from ST etc chip manufacturer)
95010   128byte
95020   256byte
95040   512byte
95080   1K
95160   2K
95320   4K
95640   8K
95128   16K
95256   32K
95M01   1M
95M02   2M


Time for you to test them.