Handy Baby Key Programmer copy ID46 ID48 chip fast and easily

After one month use, I come to share this JMD handy baby review. It copy ID46 ID48 chip really fast and easily! At following part I will show how I use Handy Baby key programmer to copy ID46 ID48 chip. Hope my feedback helps you.



  1. Handy Baby copy ID46 chip:

Car model I tested: my Nissan Versa

First, I press the power button to start Handy Baby and choose “RD&Deco” function. Then I put the ID46 chip key that I want to copy into the coil, and press OK button to read the key. Immediately Handy Baby show me the key’s information.


Then, I hold the new ID46 chip and make it into the coil and Handy Baby quickly show me “Copy success”. I use a key with the new chip to start my Nissan Versa successfully!


  1. Handy Baby copy ID48 chip:

Car model I tested: my friend’s Chevrolet Aveo

JMD Handy Baby copy ID48 chip has early same operation steps as it copy ID46 chip. This is the key information it read out:


And I also press OK button, handy baby copy the new ID48 chip key in only several seconds!



My general review on this Handy Baby car key copy:

It is a useful tool for me. I am happy with it so far. It read and copy ID46 and ID48 transponder chip fast! And it has other functions e.g. testing transponder key’s frequency I like it. As to its light hand-held shape I can hold it and operate by one hand. This is also my favorable reason.