How to do ISTA programming with ENET cable BMW

I set out few weeks ago on a personal quest to defy myself and learn as much as possible about ISTA software, and specifically understand why ISTA programming bails out using ENET cable. With the generous help and pointers @pshoey from, multiple disciplines and zillion of logs/software applied and quite a bit of stubbornness, I finally got to a point where it shows some hope!

Good news:

ISTA4/ENET calculates measures plans, displays the plans which I’ve compared results with Esys software.

Not so Good news:
– There are some information/warnings, that could be harmless (see attachments) (Both are known ISTA/P programming faults as documented in release notes)
– I didnt proceed beyond the point of the measures plan. Reason I don’t want to update my car and I am not familiar with -P functionality of ISTA. I mostly use Esys for my flashing needs.
– It is possible that proceeding further that there may be warnings about the lack of KL voltage readings, I’ll check later, but luckily someone developped an voltage control just for that in case its needed !

Oh, and if someone is curious, it has to do with the diagnostics port chosen in ISTA bmw , it is set to 50160 in GetHsfzDiagPort() and that port isnt up in the car at ConnectToBn2020VehicleState.ConnectToProject(), “magically” setting it to 6801 does the trick.

Newest BMW Rheingold ISTA-D  ISTA-P  Download


Ista ENET programming

ista-programming-with-enet-cable-1 ista-programming-with-enet-cable-2 ista-programming-with-enet-cable-3_1 ista-programming-with-enet-cable-4_1

Ista+ voltage control

ista-voltage-control-1 ista-voltage-control-2 ista-voltage-control-3 ista-voltage-control-4


@pshoey, aboulfad, beemerboy88 (thanks)