JMD Handy Baby II key copy machine Tutorial Free Download

JMD Handy Baby II key copy machine English version is finally tested working perfectly and released in 2019 year. team write this post showing what capacities does Handy Baby II have and how to use them.

Free download tutorial:

JMD Handy Baby 2 tutorial (Most comprehensive)

JMD Handy Baby 2 user manual on how to operate

JMD Handy Baby 2 unlock remote wiring diagram (Part 1 + Part 2)

JMD Handy Baby 2 copy G chip

How to register and active JMD Handy Baby 2 

Handy Baby II English Capacities:

1. 1RD & CP: Identification chip /Edit Chip data / Deco chip / Copy chip

2. Chip-fun: Generate chip/Chip simulate/Chip transfer

3. Det-manu: Frequency test/ Data test/ signal detect

4. Remote: Remote renew/FIX CODE clone/Fixed code/JMD remote renew (JMD
remote by JMD APP)

5.card-cp: Copy ID/IC card

6.Assistant: Copy Audi/VW 4th / Audi 5th/Audi
ID8E/Assistant online(All key lost)/Assistant information

7. More-fun: Functional introduction/Simulate as
transponder/ECO Mode

8.96bits-dec: Deco 96bits 48 and copy

9. Setup: Bluetooth/Voice/Volume/Brightness/version/
Function list/APP QR code

Put one Toyota Lexus Chip into the slot, choose “RD & CP” to read and write.

As you can see you get the Chip type and ID, it displays “Ok to copy”.

JMD Handy Baby can read almost all chip type except Mercedes Benz Infrared and partial 13 Motorcycle chip.

Back to choose “Chip-fun” and have options:

Generate: generate different type

Simulate: Simulate as transponder.

Chip Transfer for ID4D63/83 vehicle.

Enter “Det-Menu” and have options:

Frequency test: Remote frequency detect.

Data test: RM data stream detect.

Signal detect: Detect data st from car.

Enter “Assistant” and have options:

Audi /VW 4th Read (Copy all lost)

Audi 5th (Read / Copy)

Audi ID8E Read (Copy)

Online: Online calculation

Information (JMD assistant)


Enter ” Card -CP” and have options:

IC: Put the card on the back.

ID: Put the key into the coil

IC card

ID card.

Enter ” Remote” and have options:

Remote Renew: Remote /SM-key renew.

Fixed code clone: Remote / garage remote

Fixed code: Modify data

Remote: Clone fail and generate again.

JMD remote renew: renew JMD remote


Enter ” More functions” and have options:

Manual tips: Functional introduction

Assistant II: Bluetooth OBD function

Toyota Smart key: Simulate as transponder

ECO mode: Power saving mode.


Enter ” Manual tips” and have some course & skills.

Such as: 96bits, Keyclone, BYD Smartkey, Chip transfer, VW-Online.

Enter “96bits-Dec”:

The function is not active, please connect PC or APP to active 96bit ID48.

Enter “Setup” and have options:






Functional list

APP QR code


Enter “Auth Information” and have options:

72G: Unregistered

ID48: Unregistered

96bit 48: Unregistered