How to Register and Active Handy Baby 2 II

After you get the new generation Handy Baby 2,you need to active the device.So here UOBD2 share the guide on how to register and active Handy Baby 2.



JMD Handy Baby II 2

JMD Handy Baby Client (Download here)


Handy Baby Registration and Activation Video Guide:


Install JMD Handy Baby client on you laptop,and connect Handy Baby II to laptop,then the client software will identify your handy baby 2 device automatically.

And then click “Activation”

Then click “Registration”

Input the account information,then click “Submit” button to continue

And then it will show you below massage:

Hello,please connect the Handy-baby II to PC,if you have the Handy-baby I,please select the I have the Handy-Baby I button,if you dont have the Handy-Baby I,please do not select the button,then select the next button ,and  in accordance with the instructions thank you!

Input the account information

Click “Next” to continue

And if you select “I have the Handy Baby I”,you will need to connect your Handy Baby I to computer,and keep the handy baby I in the hone page.

And the client software will identify your handy baby i information,and after finish it will prompt you to connect the Handy-Baby II to the computer,and keep the Handy-Baby in the home page.

And wait for Handy Baby II activation process finish.

Congratulations,activation has been completed!