(Fixed) EWS Error BMW scanner 1.4 on 2002 530i


I have a 2002 540it that I have a diagnostic laptop that i use on it. it contains working versions of SSS, BMW Scanner, INPA, DIS. just about everything. it all works just fine on my E39. my brother has a 2002 530i that we cannot get any of the software to work on. we usually get the ubiquitous cannot connect to the EWS error. None of the software will interfere with his E39. they are within 4 months build day of each other.

Is there any reason why the software would not interface with another vehicle? Does it only want to connect with the first vehicle they interfaced with? Any ideas what to try to troubleshoot? We will see if we can find another OBDII equipped BMW to interface with.

BMW Scanner aka PA Soft is available in 3 versions, each with different interfaces. V1.4.0 is for cars up to circa 2001, v2.1.0 does up to 2006 and you need v2.2.0 for DCAN cars.
This following one is BMW Scanner V1.4.0, which cover BMW up to 2001 or 2002.
This following one is BMW DASH Interface for 2.1.0, which cover BMW up to 2006
The following one is BMW Scanner V2.20 K+DCAN, which covers BMW models with K-line and CAN protocols. Such as:
1 Series: E81/E82/E87/E88
3 Series: E90/E91/E92/E93
5 Series: E60/E61
6 Series: E64
7 Series: E65
X Series: X3-E83,X5-E53, X5-E70, X5-E71