Digiprog 3 change VW Golf MK5 mileage via OBD2

My Glof MK5 had wrong KM on the dashboard and I had the mileage corrected by the Digiporg 3 v4.94 odometer correction master.

Car model: Golf MK5 2005


  • Setup Digiprog3 odometer correction tool

2) Turn the ignition to ON and start the engine

3) Hook up the DigiProg main unit to the vehicle’s OBD diagnostic socket via cable


3) The indicator light on dashboard will flash. Check the parameter (km) on the dashboard.


4) The default entry password of Digiprog 3 system is 1, manually enter the password.


5) Come to the MAIN MENU. Access the system via CAR/Truck option.


Select vehicle manufacturer as VW and then select vehicle model as GOLF

6) Select GOLF5 and then choose TACHO DIAG option


7) Check the real current odometer on the dashboard. Enter the new odometer miles manually.


8) Then the dashboard light will illuminate and the DIGIPROG 3 km tool screen will prompt you to check the written value. Confirm the value and exit the program.