BMW Scanner V1.4.0 Pa-soft code E38 LCM IV

My BMW scanner 1.4.0 cable first had the communication error with my E38 750i 2001. Then I hooked up a 20 pin under the hood…it talks flawlessly with my car. You can also solder pin 7& 8 whatever like others do. But personally I am not recommend soldering pins, because Pin Setup is absolutely different that of a same series 740.

bmw_scanner_1.40 bmw_scanner_1.4.0-20pin

Some software version of Pa-soft are not compatible with newer LCM’s ( i.e. LCM IV’s with HIGH Software & Hardware ). I was searching around uobd2 and finally get a BMW Scanner cable with pa-soft 1.4:

I have successfully reprogrammed my LCM IV in Full with ZERO Tamper Dot.


Make a connection under the hood.

And follow these steps

  1. Reprogram Euro LCM IV to U.S LCM IV (Trace Function by Trace Function, From Euro ==> U.S. ,….it takes some time)
  2. Replace VIN & KORRECHT Mileage from IKE
  3. Remove Tamper Dot
  4. Clear ALL fault codes stored
  5. Done.

I have no problem accessing both DME’s and The EML which INPA, DIS has. But INPA, NCS Expert and Pa-soft work on LCM 100%.