Difference between ak500 with skc calculator and old ak500 pro

AK500+ with SKC calculator and old AK500 pro both are professional key programmer for Benz,they can make new keys with just a few munites,faster and safer.Compared with these two key programmers,the main difference between AK500+ with SKC calculator and old AK500 pro are as below,after you reviewing it,,hope it will be helpful for you to learn how to choose.

ak500-key-programmer-with-eis-skc-calculator-1 ak500pro-mercedes-benz-key-programmer-1

1)There is no 8PIN EEPROM adapter holder in AK500+ with SKC ,because AK500+ with SKC only needs to read out EIS data and send the data to SKC calculator to calculate and finally copy new keys;while the old version AK500 has 8PIN EEPROM adapter holder to help read and write ESM data,so as to add new keys,more easier to test EIS and make keys.


2) AK500 pro supports more car models than AK500+ with SKC

AK500 pro supports for all Mercedes Benz 1998 to 2011

AK500+ with SKC supports for Mercedes Benz 1998 to 2005


3) AK500+ pro can’t make key if without SKC calculator; while old version AK500 pro can make key.with EIS data directly calculate out original factory key data.Besides AK500Pro is the only machine in the world that has KEY-LESS go writing function.


4) AK500+ with SKC calculator doesn’t contain external EEPROM (M95xxx), so it does not need to deal with M95xxx,just read out EIS data and send it to SKC calculator to calculate, and get the key data; The old version AK500 key Pro contains 95XXX which needs to remove chip 95XXX and solder it on the 95XXX adapter.this may be a little complicated than AK500 SKC calculator as you need to know a little of solder.


Each coin has its own merits and demerits,the important thing is you need to get one that suits your request and affordable for your usage.