How to build F01 heads up display for your car?

Recently I bought a F01 Car HUD from UOBD2 for US$58.99, connected it to OBD port and installed head up display unit easily. I have owned the tool for 2 weeks, and now I do not have to watch the dashboard to check speed and oil consumption anymore. The car HUD kit will reflect these data on the windshield directly. Here are 6 steps to install the tool.


  1. Pick a place in your car to build the holder for the F01 HUD;
  2. Put the non-slip mat in flat position in front of the navigation bridge, so that you can adjust the angle of the HUD host over it;
  3. Put the HUD on the top of the dashboard on the drivers side;
  4. Paste the reflective film above the HUD host in order to receive the vehicle data;

install car hud diaplay 01


  1. Tap the OBDII cable at either side of the center stacks, and then around the wire-fuel tank cap tightly like this:

install car hud diaplay 02

  1. Plug the cable into the OBDII port. Once all of that is done, you can put the trim back over the unit.


install car hud diaplay 03

Abut function

The Car HUD Display unit can display speed, engine revolving speed, water temperature, battery voltage as well as instant fuel consumption (the most useful function and that is what I love most about the tool). Besides, it will also remind you to shift gear and slow down when it is necessary.


About power consumption

The tool is powered via OBD port and it will automatically shut down about 5 minutes after parking. So there is no need to worry about lack of battery power.



The only disadvantage is that its cable is only about 1.2 meter long, and I can only put the HUD on the left side of the vehicle because my OBD port locates lower than average ones.