Reveal Ford Focus hidden functions with ELM327 scanner

Recently, Ford Focus owners are getting excited because hidden functions of the vehicle are now accessible. However, since the original Ford IDS diagnositc cable, the tool to open these funcitons is so costly that car owners are hestitate to try.


Now, I would like to introduce my way to open these functions with $12.99 ELM327 scanner.

Step 1: Create a backup of the vehicle data in case anything goes wrong.

Step 2: Find OBD port, and conenct ELM327 with your car and your laptop.


Step 3: Turn on the ignition key and shift to the 2nd gear.

Step 4: Run the ELM327 software and start ROM upgrade. The ELM327 tool working light will blink. Wait for a few minutes later, the hidden functions will be available then.

ELM327 2



Step 5: Now your dashboard will warn TPMS fault, indicating that the hidden TPMS reading function is now available.

ELM327 3


Step 6: Restart the EPS module to eliminate the TPMS fault warning.

ELM327 4

Step 7: Enter dashboard setting and save the tire preseure.

Step 8: Long press the remote key and you will find that your sunroof can open and close automatically.

Step 9: Go for a trip and shift from the 1st gear to the 7th gear during the driving, and your car will be able to lock your vehilce from the inside. By now, you are finished.

I have opened functions such as overpeed warning, automatic lock, tire pressure monitoring, remote sunroof control and cruise control. A friend of mine who has installed xenon lamp can even adopts the tool to open xenon model, keeping his car computer from alarming because of the use of xenon lamp.

One of our customer sent email to me about “How to get Ford Focus rear view mirror heating function by ELM 327,and we share it below,click to read.

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