Best DPF Regen Tool / Scanner for 09 – 13 Subaru Forester

Looking for the best DPF Regen Tool / Scanner for 09 – 13 Subaru Forester diesel with the car the DPF light lit up. The best one is V2020.7 VXDIAG Multi Diagnostic Tool for SUBARU. For any of Autel AP200, Autel MK808 /MX808, Launch crp479, Deplhi ds150 knockoff and ECUTEK obd reader, they are all not tested working greatly.

Let’s read what every user’s test reports.

Car model: Subaru Forester diesel 2009 with 300K mileage/ 2012 Subaru Forester

Symptom: the car the DPF, Engine light and traction control light lit up. DPF light flashed almost straight away.

Tested OBD diagnostic tool and reports:

  1. VXDIAG SUBARU SSM-III Multi Diagnostic Tool :the best

I’m going to invest in the: VXDIAG SUBARU SSM-III Multi Diagnostic Tool V2020.7, it is the best way to go, 300USD, and it is the only aftermarket tool that works with dealer software (ssm3). SJ gen Forester owners are bit more lucky since ssm4 (next gen dealer software) works with tactrix openport 2.0. new original cable costs around 150€ and you can find clones for ~30€ and less. Nothing beats dealer diagnostic software.

  1. Autel MK808: Not ideal

Test report: I have the MK808, which is the same as the MX808, buy sold online.
When I got it, it has no DPF functions for Subaru Diesels.

However, with the time by, Autel will add Subaru Forester 98-13 year DPF function, please update the newest version Subaru_V2.00, enter system “Engine control system” and then “Special function” to select DPF regeneration.


Autel MK808 is able to work with a wide range of car makes, if only for Subaru, it is a little bit luxury for its price.


3. Launch crp479: not ideal

Launch crp479 has DPF Regeneration function for Subaru Forester 1994 -2018, please update the newest Subaru software.

It is mainly used for all common special functions.

4. Deplhi ds150 knockoff: Not work on subaru

I have tried Deplhi ds150 knockoff, doesnt work on subaru at all (VW on other hand works beautifully).


5. Autel ap200: not ideal

I have tried Autel ap200 to do injector learning and to my surprise it worked.

The app kinda crashed, but function was completed successfully. There is also a bug, i think, where before the function it asks if i have replaced an injector and two options -ok and cancel. Cancel does what you expect it to do, but pressing ok, it clears out “distance since injector replaced” and performs injector learning procedure. So it kinda works. On DPF regen function there is also a question – if I have replaced my dpf and also ok and cancel.


6. ECUTEK obd reader specific for Subaru: not work

Spent the $850 on the ECUTEK obd reader specific for subaru.
This allows you to perform quite a few things e.g. oil reset, force DPF regen for subaru 2010+, new DPF install etc.

Only issue, I thought mine was a 2010 this whole time, turns out, its a 2009 which has different software…thanks Subaru.

Seller says he cannot accept a return so im now stuck with it. It still reads everything and reset ECU and fault codes just won’t perform DPF regen.