Autel XP400 Supper Programmer User Manual

What is Autel XP400 Supper Programmer?

XP400 Super Programmer has three types of functions: Read/Write Vehicle Iransponder Chip Data, including Benz Infrared Keys, Generate Vehicle-specific Keys ind Dealers’ Key; Read ECU Data, including EEPROM and MCU; and Read/Write Vehicle Keys and Remotes Data. XP400 Super Programmer needs to work with tablet Device Autel MaxiIM IM608/IM508 or ATProgrammer software on computer for stable and reliable operation.

Autel XP400 Port Introduction:


1.USB Port-provides data communication and 5V DC power supply.

2. DC Port-provides 12V DC power supply.

3.DB 26-Pin Port-connects with the Mercedes Benz infrared cable,ECUcable,
MCU cable and MC9S12 cable.

4. Cross Signal Pins-holds the MCU spare cable or DIYsignal interface.

5. Vehicle Key Slot-holds the vehicle key.

6. Transponder Slot-holds the transponder.

7. Benz Infrared Key Slot-holds the Benz infrared key.

8. Status Indicator Lamp-indicates the current operating status.

9.Locker-holds the EEPROM plug-in chip or EEPROM socket (SOP8 chip can
be placed in the socket) for reading and writing EEPROM data.

USB Port

Type B USB port is used for data communication and USB power supply of tablet
device, ATProgrammer on PC and XP400 Super Programmer.

DC Port

DC interface is used to provide 12V DC power supply for XP400 Super Programmer.

DB 26-Pin Port

The port can connect with four components: ECU cable, MCU cable, MC9S12 cable,
and Benz infrared cable (encapsulated interface, no cable definition).

Cross Signal Pin

Used to hold external MCU spare cable or DIY signal connection cable for reading
and writing special MCU and ECU chip.

Vehicle Key Slot

Used to hold a variety of vehicle keys for reading and writing vehicle key

Transponder Slot

Used to hold a variety of transponders for reading and writing transponder

Benz Infrared Key Slot

Used to hold Benz infrared transponder for reading and writing Benz infrared
transponder information.

Status Indicator Lamp

The status indicator lamp is used to display the current operating status of the XP400
Super Programmer. The statuses of the indicators are as follows.


Used to hold EEPROM plug-in chip, or EEPROM socket (SOP8 chip placed in the

socket) for reading and writing EEPROM data.

Autel XP400 Specification:

Item Description
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ 60℃ (14℉ ~ 140℉)
Storage Temperature -20℃ ~ 60℃ (-4℉ ~ 140℉)
Port Mini USB, VGA_DB15
Input Voltage 5 VDC
Operating Current < 250 mA
Maximum Consumption 1 W
Device Dimensions (L*W*H) 130 mm * 68 mm * 28 mm
Package Dimensions (L*W*H) 201 mm * 167 mm * 75 mm
Net Weight 466 g



Download: Autel XP400 USER MANUAL