Autel MK808 MP808 DS808 Series Common Problems and Solutions

Here shares the common problems and solutions for Autel DS, MX, MK and MP series diagnostic scanners.

Problem 1: Language is not authorized


  • Restart the machine (equivalent to refreshing the synchronization of the new language)
  • Enter update. Click the refresh button in the upper right corner (refresh again) to update all software
  • Go to Settings-language to select the Language
  • If the above steps still have problems, you can go to the system settings to restore factory Settings and repeat the above steps

Problem 2: Bluetooth cannot connect


  • Go to Settings, and re-pair up Bluetooth to see if it works
  • Check if USB can connect VCI and Autel tablet successfully
  • Check whether the VCI firmware can be updated when the USB is connected to the VCI and tablet
  • Control variable test: whether the VCI can connect to other tablets, or whether the tablets can connect to other VCI, and arrange repair accordingly

Problem 3: VIN decoding failed


  • Automatic VIN reading failure (may be that the corresponding car ECU does not store the VIN, or the machine does not support the car to read the VIN)
  • Failed to parse the VIN manually (the machine may not support parsing the corresponding VIN)
  • Manually select vehicle information (model, year, engine, etc.) to enter the car

Each step above can be analyzed by logs.

Problem 4: Screen appears line


LCD screen hardware has problems, send it back to Autel factory to repair.

Problem 5: Touch screen is not sensitive


You can connect the mouse or computer Team Viewer remotely, if it can point indicates that there is problem in the touch screen, if it can not point indicates that the motherboard may also have a problem, all need to be repaired.

Problem 6: How to unlock VW SFD gateway


At present, all Autel products do not support unlocking SFD, and customers need to go online to see whether they can buy SFD token.