CG100X V1.4.4.0 Update: Added 42 Dashboard/3 Read-Write

CGDI CG100X Programmer V1.4.4.0 Update on March 29th, 2024:

1.Added 42 models to dashboard.

2.Added 3 models to read-write.

Update details:

The following models are added for dashboard.

Honda ODESSEY 2022- S6J3001

BYD AUTO Haitun 2022- 25256(Vehicle body controller)

BYD AUTO BYD Tang 2021- 25256(Vehicle body controller)


DongFeng DFSK C72 2021- R5F10DPGJ

DongFeng Changxing D7L 24C08

DongFeng tuyi 9S12HZ128

DongFeng Special commercial large tank truck 2018- STM32F105VC

DongFeng Tuyi T6 2023- 9S12HZ128

DongFeng Furuika PIC18F66K80

DongFeng 504-16 Tractor PIC18F4480

Toyota Dafa 93C46

Toyota AVALONlion 2021- S6J3001

FOTON Shapu T 2015- 24C08

FOTON Oumake S1 2023- 24C16

FOTON ouhuiBus 2016- 24LC256

Trumpchi AIAN R7F701442

Suzuki AFR 24C04

Huatai SANTAFE 24C02

Huituochuangqi Tractor 24C02

Geely Emgrand 2023- 24C16

Geely Emgrand GL D70F3529

JEEP Renegade 2021- 95320

JAC E50A 24C16

JMC BaoDian 2022- S6J334C

JMC kaiyun 2023- S6J334C

Cadillac XT6 2021- 24C32

LOVOL Gushen corn harvester 24C04 (controller) (time+mileage)

Suzuki TianYu 24C16

Chery COWIN Dazzle the world PRO 2021- 24C64

SANY 55 Excavator 25256

SANY 75Excavator 25256

Lingong small machine 24CL64

Weike Roller RD28 95256

WuLing HongGuang S3 24C16

WuLing ZhengCheng 2022- 24C16

Hyundai Mingtu 2017- R7F701403

YeMa T80 24C64

ChangAn RuiXing EM80 24C64

ChangAn EADO PLUS 24C16

ChangAn EM60 24LC64

Great Wall Havel H6 2022- R7F701404

The following models are added for dashboard read-write.

Honda Yiwei M-NV S6J336C (read write)

BYD AUTO BYD Song 2023- 24C16 (Dashboard)+ R7F701621(Dashboard) (read write)

MAXUS T90 R7F701028 (read write)

Update method:

Connect CGDI CG100X and computer via USB cable, and follow the prompt to update directly.