Autel MaxiSys MS906BT User Reviews

What is Autel MaxiSys MS906BT?

Autel MaxiSys MS906BT is professional car diagnostic tool with 21 Most Useful Service/Special Functions. It is the advanced Version of  of  Autel MS906, DS808 and MK808.  Autel MaxiSys MS906BT diagnostic scan tool supports data transmission through wireless VCI dongle or lined connection. And wireless pairing is fast with working range up to 164 feet(around 50m). The wireless scanner can transmit vehicle data to the powerful android tablet without physical connection which allows you to perform vehicle all available modules OE-Level diagnosis remotely in the shade of a tree.


How about Autel  MS906BT?

Let’s check the review of MS906bt Users



First off! I have 5 different scan tools, Yes 49 years! OTC, 3 different Snap-on, Launch, and now MaxiSys MS906bt. Not having a rep worried me! And it happened! I cant connect to any printing! OMG! I contacted them. Nick answered! He took remote control of my scanner and computer, loaded the “right” programs and printed a test page remotely! Best customer service EVER!



I’m a Mobile Mechanic, and do a fair amount of diagnostics. This tool enables me to do them faster than I could with my old Autel 803. The methods for some features take awhile to figure out (fuel trim live data, etc) is a little different from what I am used to “the PIDs are in the eOBD Generic section, rather than the OEM section”, but once I got past that, it became extremely useful. This tool literally paid for itself in a few weeks. I love the Ford Power Balance Test, and use it almost weekly while riding with customers, and reproducing issues. It also saves me time when doing calibrations. I love the large touch-screen, and the ability to carry it to a customer while it is reading live data, to explain what I’m seeing.



Perfect scanner for any vehicle an situation. I am on Automotive technical school and this tool helps me and other students to diagnose customer vehicle problems. find codes and provides the bidirectional capabilities for testing components. this ensures a more accurate diagnosis and not guessing.



We received the ms906bt and started to use it right away. The case that it comes in is made of a nice hard plastic materiel, which holds all the accessories in the perfect location. It has 3 doors that lock your tools in place when carrying it. The scanner tool itself is held in by a nice velcro strap. The tool operation when turned on only take under a minute to load and ready to use. It has a screen protector on the actual screen but will show scratches when using it from your fingers. Make sure you do not take the screen protector off. It was easy to hook up to a wifi station. The wireless DLC reader has a light inside the connector area that helps you see under dash when finding the DLC. It lights up right away and only takes under 30 sec to connect. It has a lot of icons to different systems but the car may not be capable or it does not have the option, it will tell you. But the information it gives you is critical just like the factory scan tools. Bi-directional works great. Overall the tool is a great factory replacement for a lot less and seems to work pretty good, I would like to see a faster processing speed and better screen protector and battery life. I would give it a 4 to 5 star rating compared to what I have used in the past out of my 40 year career.



Autel MS906BT is really very well built and tab is obviously manufactured just for this work. Good product for worldwide cars coverage and almost all the oem level special functions.
It has very good oem level coverage on most of the special functions like immobilized key programming, injector coding, abs bleeding, etc. It supports almost all cars in USA, Europe, Asia, etc..
Have to remember this is global version and not specially sold for USA so you have to get the tech support from China and not USA. But I feel you get good support from China mainland land also for this Incase of any issues.I definitely appreciate the level of functional and car model coverage they have than other products in that market for same range.
My item got some issue in connectivity between the OBD and device but I don’t have enough time to send it back and ask for replacement. So I have sourced this locally and returned this. I really like the product and the way it designed and it’s coverage.