Alientech KESS V3 Review: Better Than Kess V2 and KTAG

Alientech KESS V3 is a new powerful ECU & TCU programmer that combines Kess V2 and Ktag into 1 tool. It supports both OBD, Bench/Boot Tuning methods and allows users to remap in a faster, easier way than ever before. No need separate tools.

Compared with Kess V2 and K-TAG, Kess V3 has the advantages below.

1.It is the only one ECU programmer supporting OBD, Boot, and BENCH connection.

2.It has two versions: Master and Slave. Users can update from Slave version to Master version (need extra cost).

  • Master version:The configuration that allows you to edit software calibrations in a completely autonomous way. The read files can be interpreted by your choice of remapping software.
  • Slave version:If you are not confident yet or sufficiently autonomous in editing software calibrations, thanks to this mode you can work with a network of trainers who will support you file requirements.

3.Kess V3 ECU Programmer uses new Alientech Suite software, supports Separate Car & Bike Protocols, upgraded cable set, and can calculate checksum super fast, works with 10 times faster processing.

Something important you should know:

The original KESS V3 comes with hardware only, without any software. You need to purchase software and protocol license of Master version or Slave version according to your desire.

Kess3 Master Version Protocols List:

  • OBD Protocolsactivation: item No.XNR-SS451-MA001 to XNR-SS451-MA004
  • Bench-Boot Protocols Activation: item No.XNR-SS451-MA005 to XNR-SS451-MA008
Item No. Kess No. Function
XNR-SS451-MA001 KESS3MA001 KESS3 Master -Car -LCV OBD Protocols Activation
XNR-SS451-MA002 KESS3MA002 KESS3 Master -Bike-ATV &UTV OBD Protocols Activation
XNR-SS451-MA003 KESS3MA003 KESS3 Master Agriculture -Truck &Buses OBD Protocol Activation
XNR-SS451-MA004 KESS3MA004 KESS3 Master -Marine &PWC OBD Protocols Activation
XNR-SS451-MA005 KESS3MA005 KESS3 Master -Car -LCV Bench-Boot Protocols Activation
XNR-SS451-MA006 KESS3MA006 KESS3 Master -Bike-ATV &UTV Bench-Boot Protocols Activation
XNR-SS451-MA007 KESS3MA007 KESS3 Master-Agriculture-Truck &Buses Bench-Boot Protocols Activation
XNR-SS451-MA008 KESS3MA008 KESS3 Master -Marine &PWC Bench-Boot Protocols Activation

Kess3 Slave Version Protocols List:

  • OBD Protocolsactivation: item No. XNR-SS451-SA001 to XNR-SS451-SA004
  • Bench-Boot Protocols Activation: item No.XNR-SS451-SA005 to XNR-SS451-SA008
Item No. Kess No. Function
XNR-SS451-SA001 KESS3SA001 KESS3 Slave -Car -LCV OBD Protocols Activation
XNR-SS451-SA002 KESS3SA002 KESS3 Slave -Bike -ATV &UTV OBD Protocols Activation
XNR-SS451-SA003 KESS3SA003 KESS3 Slave-Agriculture-Truck &Buses OBD Protocol Activation
XNR-SS451-SA004 KESS3SA004 KES83 Slave -Marine &FWC OBD Protocols Activation
XNR-SS451-SA005 KESS3SA005 KE3S3 Slave -Car-LCV Bench-Boot Protocols Activation
XNR-SS451-SA006 KESS3SA006 KESS3 Slave -Bike -ATV &UTV Bench-Boot Protocols Activation
XNR-SS451-SA007 KESS3SA007 KESS3 Slave -Agriculture -Truck &Buses Bench-Boot Protocols Activation
XNR-SS451-SA008 KESS3SA008 KESS3 Slave -Marine &PWC Bench-Boot Protocols Activation

Kess V3 Software Subscription List:

  • Kess3 ECU Programmer supports 6 and 12 months software subscriptionin Master and Slave version. (Not include the above OBD/Bench-Boot protocols mentioned)
Item No. Kess No. Function
XNR-SS451-M5001 KESS3M5001 KES33 Master-12 Months Subscription
XNR-SS451-M5002 KESS3M5002 KESS3 Master -6 Months Subscription
XNR-SS451-SS00012 KESS3SS0001 KESS3 Slave-12 Months Subscription
XNR-SS451-SS0006 KESS3SS0001 KESS3 slave -6 Months Subscription


1.KESS V3 is 100% original Alientech ECU programmer.

2.Hardware warranty: One Year

3.Once the equipment, protocol and software are sold, refunds and returns are not accepted

  1. If you have any equipment problems, please contact alientech official website technology, they will help you solve the problem.

5.Once you buy the KESS3 protocol license, you can update the corresponding protocol for free for lifetime.

6.The 6 months and 12 months subscription are different from the above OBD/Bench/Boot protocols listed. Buy software subscription depends on your actual need.


You’d better check if your car model is supported by ALIENTECH KESS3 ECU programmer before purchasing. Here is the official support list for checking.

Original Alientech KESS V3 KESS3 ECU and TCU Programmer: