CG100X with D1 Adapter Change VW MQB D70F34XX/D70F35XX Mileage No Soldering

Now CGDI CG100X with D1 Adapter can repair/change VAG MQB D70F34XX and D70F35XX processor mileage perfectly. No soldering! No cutting wires! No lifting PIN!

CG100X D1 Adapter can be reused, and protect the original instrument circuit board during correcting the mileage with CG100X.

How to change mileage:

The internet is required. Keep the network connection normal during the operation.

Make sure CG100X software is updated to V1.3.5.1.

CG100X and D1 Adapter Pinouts to VAG MQB Cluster:


1.Pay attention to the direction of the four corners of the CG100X D1 adapter on the wiring diagram

2.Do not extend the wire harness of the D1 Adapter

Step 1:

Follow the Pinout to connect CG100X D70F34xx/D70F35xx Adapter and MQB instrument board correctly, and connect to CG100X programmer and computer, also supply 12V power to device

Step 2:

Run CG100X software

Select Dashboard>> Enter mqb to quickly obtain D70F34xx/D70F35xx model which is in removal of capacitor way

D70F34xx-Removal of capacitor way chips include:

  • D70F3426+95128-Type A
  • D70F3426+95128-Type B
  • D70F3426+95128-Type C

D70F35xx Pointer Meter-Capacitor Removal Method chips include:

  • D70F3529 (A2C84582900)- Type A
  • D70F3532 (A2C81589500)- Type A
  • D70F3535
  • D70F3537

Double-click the model you desire

Check the precautions and then start operation

Modify mileage operation instructions:

1.Read and save D70F34xx/D70F35xx and 8-pin chip data

2.Click the “Modify Mileage” button, load the D70F34xx/D70F35xx and 8-pin chip files respectively, then fill in the target mileage that you want to modify

3.Please see the window below the operation interface for the modified D70F34xx/D7OF35xx and 8-pin chip file save paths.

4.Write the modified D70F34xx/D70F35xx and 8-pin chip files separately.

CG100X D1 Adapter:

CGDI CG100X New Generation Programmer: