Add Autel Automotive Locksmtih Tool to Your Shop

If your shop expand into and be successful with automotive locksmithing, in addition to investing in specialized manual tools for picking and/or disassembling automotive locks, you will need an immobilizer and key programming tool with extensive vehicle coverage. Autel produces two such tools that also offer advanced diagnostics to troubleshoot additional support modules and components for many of today’s keyless entry systems. This complexity prompted Autel to develop its MaxilM tablets that combine the company  long-proven diagnostic prowess with advanced immobilizer and key programming software into one scan tool. The IM508 is a 7″all-systems diagnostic and all-service Android-based, touchscreen tablet able to program keys and immobilizers on U.S. and Asian vehicles. The MaxiIM608 is a larger and more advanced with Add/ Remove/All Keys Lost key-learning capability for U.S., Asian and European vehicles, and key learning directly through the OBDII port on 85 percent of vehicles in North America.


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