ACM CM1880 SCR exhaust after treatment writing with IDUTEX TS910 PRO

This article show you guide on how to use IDUTEX TS910 Pro to write ACM CM1880 SCR exhaust after treatment.


Vehicle: Dongfeng Tianjin

Engine Model: EQH180-52

With CM1880 DCU.

With Cummins EcoFit Urea Pump.


Use the diagnostic connector to connect the VCI to the OBD2 port.


Use the main cable to connect to the VCI and connect to the TS910 Pro.


Open the diagnostic software.


Tap “Vehicle diagnosis” -> “ECU programming” -> “SCR Exhaust after treatment writting”.


Tap “Cummins ACM exhaust after treatment (CM1880)”.


Tap “System Information”.

Version information is CM1880A.


Tap “Flash DCU Data”, then “Confirm”.


Tap “Selecting writing file”.


Tap the corresponding data which can refer to the model number on the engine name plate: EQH180-52.


Preparing to write data.


Writing data is completed, tap “Confirm”.


Exit IDUTEX TS910 PRO software.