ACDP Mini BMW newest manual & pictures without Bridge

Ordered Yanhua Mini ACDP full package, I thought the package missed 4 adapters used for electrical bridge connection, I ordered before and the 4 adapters are contained. Then I contacted and was told the 4 adapters are canceled because they don’t need the electric bridge any more.


The 4 adapters are canceled (means the operation is easier):


Without them, we can also do a BMW version 2 Cas4 as well as FEM/Programming.

Newest Yanhua Mini ACDP Module 1 CAS4 wiring diagram:

acdp-mini-bmw-cas4-newest-wiring-diagram-02 acdp-mini-bmw-cas4-newest-wiring-diagram-03 acdp-mini-bmw-cas4-newest-wiring-diagram-04 acdp-mini-bmw-cas4-newest-wiring-diagram-05


Watch a video is more vivid:

Add new CAS4 key with Yanhua Mini ACDP:


Post with images:


FYI, ordered Yanhua Mini ACDP, the software will comes with wiring diagram as well as the operation video.