$49.99 KEYDIY MINI KD Mobile generate remote SAME as KD900

Do you know a car remote maker that can put in your pocket?

That’s new $49.99 KEYDIY MINI KD Mobile, small but powerful! Connect it with Android/IOS phone and remote PCB, generate remote same as KD900!

keydiy-mini-kd-mobile-remote-maker-manual-app-download-review-1 keydiy-mini-kd-mobile-remote-maker-manual-app-download-review-2

Any KEYDIY MINI manual? How use KEYDIY MINI and cell phone to make remote key?

Just connect it with your cell phone by the USB end and the other end with remote key PCB.

Now you can start to generate a new remote key.

It’s easy to use this KEYDIY MINI remote generator!



Where to download MINI KD app?

When you receive the package, you can scan the QR code (2D barcode) to download KEYDIY MINI KD mobile app for Android or IOS.

Or you can directly search and install “Mobile KD” app on Google Play or Apple APP Store.



A how-to example for sharing:

KEYDIY MINI KD generate Skoda Rapid remote key OK and fast!

First make sure connect MINI KD with mobile phone and the remote key PCB OK. And open KEYDIY Mobile KD app.


Choose “Remote Generate” function on main menu.


Select car brand, in this case it’s “VW SKODA SEAT”.


Select the right remote key type: 5K0837202AD.


Then it will show the remote key information including remote frequency and picture, etc.

Click “Generate” button.


Wait several seconds, KEYDIY MINI KD generate Skoda Rapid remote key successfully!