468 KEY PRO III test car models result

1)Clone key for 2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara- successfully
Got one 468 KEY PRO III today at uobdii.com and tested it on a 2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara, key clone ok no problem at all.

It was easy 4 Basic steps
1. Read- original working key
2. Sniff -original key in the ignition (you may have to do it a few times)
3. Crack-after sniffing put back original key in holder and press crack, wait till its done.
4. Write – once crack is successful put clone chip into holder and press write

Will test it on more models in the coming days

I use 46C and yes car starts ok every time

2)Tested successful on a 2009 BMW M3
Tested on a 2009 BMW M3, car started without and problems. I know nothing much of 468 key programmer III ,I just decided to buy one and play with it to see what it can and cannot do, so this is the second car I tried it with and so far so good.

I also think I read somewhere that 46as chip are one time write, but the 46C is not, I have now use the same 46C chip tested on 2 different car so far

I can read key on the main and read is ok, if I click on Copy46 and try to read from there it will not read. I have to connect the sniffer and initialized then read, usually I get all FF. Once I felt that then I do the sniffing

I never use those 2 blue buttons because I have not figured them out as yet

3)Copy46 Menu options
Let talk about the Copy46 Menu options because thats where all the 46 Copy function is.

Once connect sniffer and then turn on tool select Copy46, notice the option are numbered 1-3.

What I do first is initialise the Clone 46C chip and select yes to GMT46, it usually comes back saying OK then I follow steps 1 to 3

Step 1 READ – I read the original Key then Sniff the original key in the ignition. Usually when I read I get all FF and then when I sniff I get data.
(On my next testing I will READ without the original key and see if it works. Cyborg3 I am not sure this works but I will try next time and post result )

Step 2 Crack – I simply put original key in tool and press the crack button and wait for success

Step 3 Write – I put clone chip that I initialised in tool and press write and wait for OK

Start car.