2x Caddy 2014 all keys lost done with Vvdi2 + Vvdiprog

2x Caddy 2014 white color IC, all keys lost done today, service mode solution. VVDI2 + Vvdiprog .
They are for retrofiting golf 5 .
Working good.


Question is For retrofit you did immo off? As cs bytes is different

The answer is: No need immo off. Just code adapt immo data correctly

Immo off. Edc16 has 7 Bytes CS.
Uds dash 2014 has 12 Bytes CS .


Where is the point for immo off? All can be made to work properly.
Thats 2016 Scirocco clocks fitted in 2007 MK5

2007 MK5


Question is: right now I have olny normal gateway on table. On car I have uds gateway fitted.
And then It remains the problem of EPB. I would like to know how.


Guide: Copy immo data manually, make new transponders after you done and thats it.
And im using 2005 can gateway on my bench so don’t bother about that when you testing it.


Then follow another question:

IC- CS- E749F02CC42FB1DE275A930E
Ecu – CS – D5003A025403
How do You copy that ?


Guide: You just copy bytes on the front. Leave all after 7th untouched.


Vvdi2 + Vvdiprog on sale:


vvdi2 plus vvdi pro