2009 BMW 750LI Add Key with VVDI Key Tool Plus + CAS Test Platform

Today get a 2009 BMW 750LI to program key via OBD with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus + BMW CAS4 & CAS4+ Test Platform, this is the cast module CAS4 1L15Y.

Put a new key, to determine what’s the key frequency.

You can see this test platform is on, no dash light, then put the customer’s key inside the slot, you obviously see that the light is ON.

We are going to put this key into the slot, no dash light ON, that’s why we’re gonna be programming today.

Program new key with VVDI Key Tool Plus:

Tap “Immo Programming” -> BMW -> Automatically diagnose models.

Connecting to CAS system …

The current system type is detected as CAS4 1L15Y.

Tap “Generate key via OBD”.

Tap “Read Key information” and wait until it complete and display the key information.

The success customer already had 1 2 3 4 5 keys.

we’re gonna disabled Key 3 , 5 and 10.

Click on “Unlock CAS4 /CAS4+” and then click on “Yes” means you already read the warning.

Wait until it automatically connected.

You can see the indicator of CAS Platform turned on.

CAS4 /CAS4+ unlock success.

Tap “Prepare dealer key with ignition switch”.

And then select “Key 9”.

Get message “Reading immo data … Time out! Error: 22”, just click on “Yes” and back to select “Prepare dealer key with ignition switch” again and “Key 9” again.

Please take photos and record the following key information.

Read attention1 – attention 3.

Attention 1: prepare dealer key with programmer must have a working key.

Attention 2: If you don’t have working key, the new key only support emergency start.

Attention 3: If you don’t have working key, you’d better prepare dealer key with ignition switch.

Click on “Yes”.

Put the original key (support the disabled key) in programmer, click “OK”.

Put new key into programmer.

Key written successfully.

Go to car with the key. Not need write back eeprom.

Okay, turn off the CAS Platform, and then put the new key inside the slot of CAS Platform, turn on it again, okay the indicator light ON and remains on, so the new key is programmed successfully.

And test the customer’s key, so the key is ON, perfectly.

So, let’s read IMMO data one more time. Tap Immo Programming -> BMW -> Automatically diagnose models -> Read key information.

Alright, he has Key 9, click on “Continue”.


Next is to Disable key

Select Key10 to be disabled.

And then Key 3 to be disabled .

And then Key 4 to be disabled .

So read key information one more time.

So key 10, key 4, key 2, key 3 are all disabled.

Alright, job is done!

We turn off CAS Test Platform and that’s how you program key for 2009 BMW 750LI via OBD with VVDI Key Tool Plus.

Question: Is it better to buy the platform and make new keys through OBD function or buy that solder free adapter for CAS4/CAS4+ and do it with EEPROM function. EEPROM is probably safer?

Answer: eeprom is safer.