Yanhua Mini ACDP Module27 Read MSV90 DME ISN on Bench

Yanhua Mini ACDP  Module 27 Read MSV90 DME ISN on Bench Tutorials: 

Requipment Tools: MSV90 Interface board, 20Pin cable, ACDP Host, OBD+ICP adapter

Connections: (You can click the help document to view connection diagrams)

Install the MSV90 Interface board, Short the CAN resistor on the OBP+ICP adapter to the CAN-R-Join side,Connect the MSV90 DME. Connect to the ACDP Host.

Open the ACDP APP, Choose BMW – DME ISN – Bench Mode Read/Write DME ISN- Bosch DME- FXX, Select the option based on the engine model. Click N52(MSV90).

Start to read ISN,

Confirm the system information and save the screenshot.

click continue,

please take a screenshot and export the ISN data.

Click Export and Save.Then Read ISN sucessfully.

Video Guide:

Learn more:  Yanhua ACDP Module 27 support BMW E/F chassis MSV80,MSD80,MSD81,MSD85,MSD87,MSV90 DME ISN read/write and clone.