Yanhua Mini acdp BMW e90 bosch ecu ISN read without remove cover

Yanhua Mini acdp work well with bmw. I am using it. yesterday I do BMW  e90 bosch ecu , original ecu flood with water.

so I buy use dme with same number. read dme isn with acdp without remove cover.  open cas read with acdp eprom data save it. use acdp cas open renew function. has function for  edit isn vin and remote frequency. after edit save it  then write back to eprom. all put back in car. use diagnosis tool do cas dme alignment. one kick start.


Good to know:

You need Yanhua Mini ACDP + BMW CAS1 -CAS4+ module 



If the old ECU can be read the data, it can be cloned, look at the images below for the operation path:


Hope it helps!