Yanhua Mini Acdp BMW Authorization Repeated Solution

Ordered Yanhua mini acdp with all BMW activations ( with 1/2/3/4/7/8/11 modules), I successfully activated the authorization of module 1, then to activated the module8 authorization, but got the error message ” authorization repeated, please check the authorization list of [A500], or contact the seller”.


Chief Yanhua mini acdp engineer replied:

The module 8 doesn’t need to be activated if module1 is already activated successfully.

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How to activate the authorization of mini acdp by yourself? 

Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW carlist (CAS1 – CAS4+, FEM BDC, BDC2)

Mini ACDP BMW full package reviews bellow:

  1. I’m using the mini acdp with all modules for BMW and it is great tool. No need soldering at all, and I did a lot of keys without problems. (@albert1975)
  2. No one tool will do all
    ACDPwe have with all BMW activations (we have all acdpmodules)
    great for FEM keys and mini footwell repair
    cas 1 2 3 4 we use obdstar for keys as ACDP doe not do all CAS and it is not as good as obdstar
    vvdi BMW for all other programming (@JustJames)
  3.  I got Yanhua mini ACDP programming toolsince a week and I am excited
    M35080 Programming needs some improvements, there are some bugs (tested on 4 dashs, and its better to desolder)
    Serial EEP 24XX, 25XX, 93XX, 95XX works like a charm (but tested on only 3 Eeps)
    Tried several CAS4 to Read without any problems, Mileage reset works too
    CAS3 testedonly 1 but read without problem
    On a another group they reported to create successfully keys on FEM/BDC and CAS4


  1. Reading eprom cas4 and make a key for f11 so far done.
    Cant say much more.
    cas4 reading eprom compared with vvdi reading and its matching 100%
  2. All other 35080/160 are possible, like all other programmer can do also.
    ACDPis also working with smartphone tethering so a router is not a must.
    Didn’t test if it works offline,Fem key making and mileage reset is confirmed by other users in WhatsApp group,
    I can confirm mileage reset cas3/3+/4, key making cas3/3+, key 868mhz refresh
    and frm programming.


  1. I have it and have had it for more than 3 months now.
    It works perfect on all CAS types and for AKL but for FEM and BDC it still has a long way to go.
    Its also compitable via bluetooth so not only wifi is needed.
    Its a great and small tool, easy to use, compared to VVDI, R70, Upa and etc.

Tested the Mini ACDP here with 4 CAS3 and one CAS4+ without any problems. For the first CAS3 I needed more than 5 minuntes to place the pins correctly but after some experiences I needed only 30 seconds for everything. Important is that you use the small screw tools to clean the contacts.


  1. BMW 5 series CAS4 2015 OK.

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