Yanhua ACDP Jaguar LandRover key refresh: how to recognize smart keys type?

Have Yanhua mini ACDP with module 9 to refresh Jaguar LandRover smar t key, how can I recognize type of smart keys during refresh work?

4E0U40247 433 MHZ

5E0U40247 433 MHZ

YWX000061 433 MHZ

Do you have a scheme by color to sold wire (P8P) on kvm board, please?

Yanhua chief engineer replied:

  1. Push the metal shell to the right.
  2. Confirm the key code.

yanhua-acdp-jaguar-landrover-key-refresh-1 yanhua-acdp-jaguar-landrover-key-refresh-2 yanhua-acdp-jaguar-landrover-key-refresh-3

Yanhua mini ACDP tech support: https://www.uobdii.com/producttags/yanhua-mini-acdp.html