XTool EZ400 scanner activation code lost, how to do?

Question: My Xtool EZ400 Pro scanner’s main page no longer gives me access because it does not have the activation code.

Uobdii.com engineer replied:

Please you tell me the serial number of Xtool ez400 and I will give you the activation code, for the email address, user name and password, you can set as you will.

Finally, I access the main page of EZ400.



For those who have Xtool EZ400 scanner or whose who plan to own one, please keep its user manual because the activation code is inside, in case you get the activation code lost, contact the dealer, they will be very helpful.


Here is the simple guide on how to activate Xtool EZ400:

  1. Connect the Wifi for EZ400 Pro.
  2. Fill in the activation code, product serial number, user name ( workshop’s name or user’s nickname), e-mail address and password.

Note: each EZ400 Pro will have its own serial number and activation code which are given when you receive the product.

This activation process only require to be set on the first time of the EZ400 Pro and it won’t appear again.

After activation, the diagnostic interface will come up as below:

Alright, enjoy what Xtool EZ400 Pro taken to you.