Xhorse Key Tool Plus Mercedes gearbox renew and virginize the TCU

Confirmed by Xhorse chief engineer: Xhorse Key Tool Plus is able to support Mercedes gearbox renew and virginize the TCU.

key-tool-plus-mercedes-gearbox-renew-virginize-tcu-01 key-tool-plus-mercedes-gearbox-renew-virginize-tcu-02

Here are details taken from Key Tool Plus Pad:

Engine / Gearbox /Gear in computer Function description.

Support ECU / Transmission computer /Gear computer to read key information / clear and other operations.

  1. Read

1). Read the basic information (VIN, key information, etc) of ECU / Transmission computer / Gear computer.

  1. Renew

1) You need to read or load the read HASH file.

2) You need the erase password when erasing.

3) Getting the erase password need to be online.

  1. Write VIN

1) Support ECU / Transmission computer/ Gear computer to write VIN.

2) Some modules may not be able to be written, please use other program tool to write.

  1. Personalization

1) Note: This operation needs to be performed on the car! Use accessories on the different platform, you need to encode first to perform personalization settings!

  1. Activate

1) Support to set the activation status to the engine / gear computer and other modules.

  1. Advanced function

This function support only some transmission computers, support the reading / writing EEPROM operation.

Seeing is believing, please look at the two images screenshot from Xhorse Key Tool Plus:

key-tool-plus-mercedes-gearbox-renew-virginize-tcu-03 key-tool-plus-mercedes-gearbox-renew-virginize-tcu-04

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