Tested Xhorse CGW adapter for W164/251 or W169,211 and 245 EZS type

Tested now Xhorse CGW adapter for connecting EZS/EIS from W164/251 or W169,245 and 211 type on the bench
working like charm
only need wait some seconds, because VVDI MB unit test about what EZS/EIS type is connected….take 5-15 secs time, after reading success.

Xhorse CGW adapter-01 Xhorse CGW adapter-02 Xhorse CGW adapter-03 xhorse-w164-gateway-adapter-for-mercedes-2 xhorse-w164-gateway-adapter-for-mercedes-3 xhorse-w164-gateway-adapter-for-mercedes-5 xhorse-w164-gateway-adapter-for-mercedes-benz-1