Xhorse 96 Bit ID48 Copy 1 Year Tokens (3 Tokens Per Day) Use Guide

Xhorse VVDI OBD48 Clone ID48 96bit Copy Each Day 3 Tokens for One Year Suitable for VVDI MINI/ KEYTOOL MAX/ MAX PRO/ KEYTOOL PLUS PAD  / VVDI2

Please note that: Xhorse VVDI2/VVDI Key Tool require activated VVDI2 Copy 48 Transponder (96 Bit) Function Authorization Service.

How to get this Xhorse Tokens?

1.Before you purchase the tokens, please confirm your compatible Xhorse Tool already has ID48 96bit authorization. Otherwise, the tokens cannot be added online.

2.Order the VVDI tokens by the following available link:


3.After purchasing, please send us your device SN to add tokens online, no need shipping!

Note: Usually we will add in fixed time, every working day 17:00-18:00 China time will be OK.


What is the calculation cost involved? I understand that 1500 bonus points are provided with the activation, with 100 points used each calculation.

But I’m interested to learn what the cost shall be after these points are used up?


Collect points and buy tokens are different.

  • 100 points = 1 calculation, 1500 points are free on the beginning.
  • Buy 1 token = 15$ = 1 calculation

You can buy tokens and collect points.

It looks like 100 points cost 8$ but is to different options.

Two methods to check Xhrose VVDI Mini Key Tool Tokens and Points:

Method 1:

If you have combined your Mini Key Tool on Xhorse APP, you can check the bonus points and tokens by the following path:

Account>> Customer Self- Service


Method 2:

If you can’t find the tokens on Xhorse APP, you can check from the ID48 (96bit) Online Calculation function. It will show the free token, paid token and available bonus points.


Switch to MINI KEYTOOL interface

Select Transponder Clone>> Clone>> ID48 (96 bit) online calculation>> click ‘Free token’ on the top right corner

For VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad, VVDI Key Tool Max (VVDI Key tool max Pro) and VVDI2 Key Programmer, you need to enter Xhorse APP to check the corresponding device combined so that you can see the tokens (Paid Points).