Xentry works with any Euro 5 or Euro 6 car?

I have try all models with XENTRY/DAS (listed next), i have only the interface connected to power,
the ones with Error – 1.59920.1 are the models that simply stop on first step.

The good ones have the battery voltage and ask for ignition,,
or they just open DAS.


Not working
B247 A valid serie was not selected
CLA 118 A valid serie was not selected

A117 Error – 1.59920.1
C205 Error – 1.59920.1
E238 Error – 1.59920.1
E213 Error – 1.59920.1
S222 Error – 1.59920.1
S217 Error – 1.59920.1
X 290 AMG Error – 1.59920.1
CLS 257 Error – 1.59920.1
GLE 167 Error – 1.59920.1
GLE 167 Error – 1.59920.1
GLC 253 Error – 1.59920.1

Working (Ignition OK = on Xentry) or open DAS
A176 Ignition OK
A169 Open DAS
A168 Open DAS
B242 246 Ignition OK
B245 Open DAS
C204 Ignition OK
C203 Open DAS
C202 Open DAS
190 201 Open DAS
E212 Ignition OK
E211 Open DAS
E210 Open DAS
E207 Ignition OK
124 Open DAS
S221 Open DAS
S220 Open DAS
S140 Open DAS
S126 Open DAS
cla117 Ignition OK
CLK209 Open DAS
CLK208 Open DAS
CLS218 Ignition OK
CLS219 Open DAS
CL216 Open DAS
CL215 Open DAS
CL140 Open DAS
SLK SLC 172 Ignition OK
SLK 171 Open DAS
SLK 170 Open DAS
SL 231 Ignition OK
SL 230 Open DAS
SL 129 Open DAS
SL 107 Open DAS
AMG GT 190 Ignition OK
SLS 197 Ignition OK
GLE 292 Ignition OK
M/GLE 166 Ignition OK
M 164 Open DAS
M 163 Open DAS
G 463 Open DAS
G 461 Open DAS
G 460 Open DAS
GL/GLS 166 Ignition OK
GL 164 Open DAS
GLK 204 Ignition OK
GLA 156 Ignition OK
R 256 Open DAS