How to read airbag module MC9S12XDT384VAL using CG100 PROG III?

I have your tool CG100 PROG III Full Version, how to read airbag module 13583431 device MC9S12XDT384VAL, mask 1L15Y.



CG100 Prog III host

BDM+4 adapter

12P welding line

USB cable

12V power adapter



Hardware connection:

Use the 12V power adapter to supply the power for CG100 Prog III.

Connect the USB cable to the computer and the CG100.

Hardware connection: CG100 Prog III host-> BDM+4 adapter->12pin welding line->

MC9S12XDT384VAL airbag box.

01-cg100-iii-host 02-12v-power-supply-adapter 03-usb-cable


About BDM+4 adapter:

Used with the 12pin welding line to repair various of instrument, airbag and module data.



About 12pin welding line:

Used with BDM+4 adapter.



Software operation:

Free download the newest CG-100 V6.1.2.0:!iaZWxSKK!qUCFas1gnSK2EVAOgZGN0w?LWJSzawT


1.Open the CG100 special software, enter the corresponding operation interface, and wire according to the wiring diagram.



2.Search your model or dashboard.



3.After confirming that the wiring is correct, CG100 is powered on, operate it step

by step according to the software prompts.

Note: Please do not touch any cables when it is reading.


4.It will show “Repair successfully”, please put the airbag computer back on car and

test it if it is ok.—Done