Which Tool is best for Mercedes 2005-2019 K-line and DoIP?

Tips and guides are collected here from experienced users, for purpose of helping those looking for a decent multiplexer for coding/programmings and diagnosis Mercedes from 2005-2019.

The best solution can be….


You will need K-Line support for 2005 and DoIP for 2019 vehicles.


If you have the money, buy the latest bosch VCI.  It will cover k-line to DOIP.

But Bosch VCI until now works only with SMR with Vediamo and DTS.


Or you buy sd connect with doip upgrade.
Or you buy sd connect c4 Chinese clone for Kline and ecom for the doip stuff of the new cars

Or you buy sd connect c5 China clone – worked for both K-Line and Doip for Mercedes 2000-2018 (possible for the future vehicles also if software is updated)


This is for your information.

You can rework sd connect c4 to work for Doip also.

The difference between DoIP and non-DoIP is pcb with Ethernet switch or not.


For SDConnect C4 china clone: rework and update to DoIP


You need:

Here is a parts kit to upgrade your SDConnect to DoIP:

DoIP piggyback board, power board and new DoIP cable.
If your SDConnect is china made you have to solder one missing connector.

What has been done:

Keyboard replaced
Side metal covers replaced
Top plastic cover replaced
Battery case with sensor and battery lock replaced
Full set of screws replaced

LCD board replaced
SDCard replaced
Connectors board replaced
LAN connector replaced
DoIP piggyback board added

Processor board
MPC processor replaced
C161 processor replaced
PIC replaced
Full set of RAM(6 chips) replaced
Full set of ROM(4 chips) replaced
PHY LAN controller replaced
PCMCIA slot replaced
20pin aux connector added
SD slot added
Some minor improvements, resoldering, cleaning etc.

Relay board
Can chokes added
All capacitors replaced
Main power regulators and inductors replaced
Some minor improvments, resoldering, cleaning etc.


Done! And your SD connect C4 DoIP now.

ReworkedChinaSDConnectDoIPUpgraded1 ReworkedChinaSDConnectDoIPUpgraded2



Now, you have good luck with W222 DoIP diagnosis like Xentry Connect C5. No matter it’s original or not, it has good compatibility of DoIP diagnosis.



Note that experienced tech is required to PCB rework; otherwise, you would damage your device- TRYING ON YOUR OWN RISK.