Where to Get GODIAG ECU GPT Boot Adapter PINOUT?

GODIAG ECU GPT Boot AD ECU Connector can be used for ECU PINOUTs of different manufacturers and brands according to the wiring definition. It works with J2534 devices/ECU programmers (Scanmatik 2 PRO, Foxflash,…) to read and write ECU data using OBD2 Bench/GPT Bench (without disassembling the ECU) and opening BOOT methods. Check the related links of ECU PINOUT wiring diagram offered by uobdii.com engineer.

  • Visit the related website for different ECU tools PINOUT below.

1. For the wiring diagram using PCMFLASH PINOUT, please refer to https://pcmflash.ru/downloads/english.html

i.e.MED17.5 TC1766

2. The PINOUT connection diagramof DIMsport KESSV2 KTAG product

3. For the PINOUT connection diagram of EVC products, please refer to https://www.evc.de/en/product/bsl/ecu.asp

The L connection point is connected to the Boot connection port on the GODIAG ECU GPT Boot Adapter, and the H point is connected to CNF1.

4. For the PINOUT connection diagram of kt-prog or FOX FGtech products, please refer to https://wiring.fg-technology.uk/index.php?m=Home&c=wiring&a=index

The Gray line connection point in the picture is Boot. The CNF1 or 3.3V in the picture is connected to the 1KΩ resistor point, or the resistor is connected as shown in the picture. The brown wiring in the picture is connected to GPT0, and the white wiring in the picture is connected to GPT1.

5. For the PINOUT connection diagram of obdtuning products, please refer to https://wiki.obdtuning.de/index.php/Hauptseite

OBD2 Bench, GPT Bench, Boot

i.e. Porsche Bosch EDC 17CP14 TriCore 1796 Ext. Memory

Use the corresponding Pinout connection diagram to connect GODIAG ECU GPT Boot AD, J2534 devices/ECU programmers, and ECU correctly, and read & write ECU data.


Godiag ECU GPT Boot AD and SM2 Pro Read Hyundai M7.9.8/SIM2K ECU