What is Autel G-BOX2 ?

Autel G-BOX2 is update version of Autel G-BOX which is used to do Mercedes Benz All Key Lost work with Autel MaxiIM IM608 and Autel IM508 with XP400.


Autel G-BOX2 Features:

1. Support fast mode on Vehicle and bench when all keys of Mercedes-Benz vehicles using the Das3 EIS/ EZS are lost
2. Read and write Bosch Engine ECU on F Classis of BMW and MQB of Volkswagen
3. With the Autel’s advanced Diagnostic Tablets supporting IMMO and Key programming functions


Two Method to do Mercedes-Benz All Key Lost with Autel G-Box2:

Via OBD:
This method is suitable for Mercedes-Benz W204, W207, W216 and W164 EISs after the year 2009.
On Bench:
This Method is suitable for all Mercedes-Benz EISs that are already supported by Autel Diagnostic Tablet


Autel G-BOX2 Connection:

1. Plug the G-Box2 to the Mercedes-Benz EIS using the packed DB15 Cable
2. Plug to the DC port of G-Box2 using a power adapter (DV 12V)
3. Plug the G-Box2 to the Autel Diagnostic Tablet


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