VXDIAG VX Manager Not Device Found Solution

Vxdiag device is connected to the computer via USB, but the client VX MANAGER cannot find the device. Open the network adapter page and find that the device is connected, and the IP of the device is correct (192.168.8.* **)

Check the network connection first,  the network card has been connected to the device.

Then check that the device IP is correct 192.168.8.*** (Note: The network IP address of the device is selected to automatically obtain an IP address)


1. Change the device connection method to USB LAN connection.

2. If the client is set to USBLAN and still not connected to the device, please open the computer device management to see if the network card driver in the network adapter is abnormal (as shown in the figure). If it is abnormal, please uninstall the network card and refresh it in the device management.

3. If the network card, client and device management cannot find the device, please check whether the WIFI connection of the computer has the WIFI signal “DOIP-VCI-****” of the device, if not, return the device for repair.