VW Polo 6n2 Key Programmers Reviews

Problem: I want make key for VW Polo 6n2 what have valeo immo box with 24c04….i remove immo box…read eeprom…put into FVDI key tool… to extract pin from dump… but in dump I see KEY 0… I have ID44 PCF7935AS and only for this job FVDI and VCDS…

How to do next? Here some suggestions for your reference:

Best to program using diagnostic tool.
And 7935 dedicated transponder.
Xhorse super 7935 often does not work.

Prepare a decent 7935 to ID44

And do this with VCDS.

With known pin Number 25.


Question: I only want confirm if this work ” transponder will be ready to start your car, no need adaptation “.



If you use genuine 7935 and FVDI you must write back the file
if you use VVDI2 and write on VVDI super chip no need to write back the file

but first you must be sure that your reading is good because I’m afraid that is not good.
Upload the dump and someone will check it

Question: Then will work if I prepare with FVDI and code with VCDS?


Suggestion 1:

FVDI, gambit will program PCF7935. No need write back anything.
Chip ready start (This suggestion is opposite to the previous suggestion)

Suggestion 2:

You can prepare 7935 with KeyDIY KDX2, vvdi mini key tool etc to be a id44.
few days ago I have similar situation.. dump opened with many programs all says 0 keys.
I program with vvdi2 on super chip in key position 1 , car started

Suggestion 3:

just generate chip from file and start car.
Or use vcds and program key by obd using pin and precoded ID42 for VAG.

Good to know:

All of the above reviews are true. You can choose how you do it. Easy way just produce transponder from dump with tag key tool and start the car.

More questions, more confusions for you.

Refer to the following link for all of the above key programmer for VW.